The Mario Hezonja Project

Watch this video of our recent installation for NBA star Mario Hezonja!

Adding Solar Control Widow Film to your home is one of the most cost effective ways to improve comfort by eliminating hot spots that increase energy usage. When the necessary amount of windows are covered, the return on investment can be as fast as 2.5 years! Rebates may also apply, depending on electric company. A GPS professional has the tools to measure and gauge infrared damage when providing a free, in home consultation.

Whether it be to protect against theft, or to make your windows more resistant in the event of a violent storm, Glass Protections specialists has the product for you. Our films exceed the industry testing standards, securing your home . . . against the unexpected. Click here to see how we size up against the competing brands.

Whether it be for privacy, or to add a degree of elegance to bathroom shower, our wide range of decorative window film designs will ensure the right product, for the right project is at your fingertips. Glass Protection Specialists carries the 3M Fasara, Solyx, and LLumar lines to ensure any and all tastes and preferences can be met.  Contact us for a free estimate.